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Gulf Hitech is an online report focusing on the information technology news and activities occurred in the UAE and GCC.

At this time frame, when European markets have reached saturation level and companies are cutting out their IT expenditure, huge expansion of technology or IT industry in Middle East can be observed.

Samir Al Schamma, General Manager of Intel Middle East, has made a significant remark recently. He stated that Gulf is one those markets in the world, which is carrying huge potentials. In next 3-4 years, number of computer and internet users will increase rapidly.
Abu Dhabi and Dubai have become the technical hubs of UAE, where medium and large technology-oriented companies are emerging with great hopes and high investments.
This blog intends to keep the readers updated on different technology or gadget news of Middle East. Different sections of our blog feature different categorized news – starting from technology tips to news or updates – readers will be furnished with all latest stuffs.
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