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Celebrating A Decade of Wed Design Industry

Web design industry has undergone constant reforms. Still, it is one of those dynamic markets, where new researches are taking place and better results for end users are constantly getting thrived. In the middle part of 1990, web design market emerged in this world and at that time, only a few companies emerged for making their web presence count. Mostly the search engines were designed in this early period, which includes Yahoo.Com, Netscape.Com, AOL.Com, etc.
Between the periods of 2000 to 2005, massive change in web design industry took place. At that time, popular websites were Apple.Com, Microsoft.Com, Adobe.Com, etc. Then came the ecommerce websites, like eBay, Amazon, etc. gradually.
Since, 2006 the world started to believe in the power of web design. People started recognizing the ability of a website for business welfare and hence, massive business houses ventured online. Even small businesses started venturing as they find that it is the simplest opportunity for starting business, with even a nominal investment.
Presently, millions of websites are there and if you are thinking of starting a business then finding a good web based service provider should be your priority. A good web design service can provide legitimate web design solutions that can make your business highly popular. The question is where should you get such web developers? Well, Middle East is the place! Middle East is an emerging market of web design industry, where plenty of competent services are providing cost effective, yet high quality web design services. CANADA HITECH is design and development agency in UAE, and can be ideal example as  top online service provides.

Three Web Design Building Blocks – A Guide to the Online Entrepreneurs

If you run a business, no matter small or big, you definitely need digital presence of your business so that you can enjoy increased business exposure. To venture online business world, you need a seamless website, which should be designed, following the global internet norms.
If you have a serious mindset to carry your business to a new height, then you should opt for quality web design services for building professional websites. The web interface should be trendy and it must have the ability to draw people’s attention. On the other hand, you design should complement the content of your website so that people can know about your business or your products and services.
For an online business enthusiast, it is important to know three blocks of web design. Here are they for you – have a look:

  • Responsive Website Design: This is the era of technology and websites are not only accessed from the traditional desktops or laptops anymore. A number of devices like – tablet computers, smartphones, etc. are there for web access. Hence, for grand business exposure, your website must be ready to be accessed from such devices. Responsive website design ensures seamless access of your website from any such ‘smart’ devices.
  • HTML5 and CSS3: These are the latest coding versions for constructing a website. Ensure that your web design service provider should build the website based on HTML5 and CSS3.
  • CMS: CMS stands for content management system – it implies easy content management. Based on a seamless CMS platform, you can edit or modify your content with ease. Common examples of CMS are – WordPress, Drupal, Magento, OsCommerce, etc.

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