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Windows Based Web Hosting in UAE for Professional Online Enterprises

There are two discrete steps behind the construction and publication of a website. At the first step, the pages of the websites are designed according to the customer’s specifications. Different texts, graphics, and visual effects are added as per requirement. At the second step the website so far designed is associated with the WWW so that it becomes visible to the internet user. This is called the web hosting.

Web Hosting is a process with which a designed webpage or website is made accessible using internet via the WWW. Different hosting companies are there which provide space for the client’s websites in their owned or leased servers. Once provided with this space and a unique name the website becomes ready to be accessed by the internet users.

Free and paid web-hosting:
There are many companies available in the market who offers free space for website hosting. In these cases the space is limited and this hosting supports only basic pages. It does not provide platform for different application languages like PHP, ColdFusion, and JAVA etc.  This type of hosting is suitable for small personal websites which involve less technical requirements.
On the other hand, for business websites and e- commerce web sites, which involve far complex techniques free web hosting is not a feasible option. Paid hosting is thus required here.   For these types of websites the hosting must support databases as these involve user databases, product databases and transaction databases etc. Again these paid hosting provides platforms for application developments.
The pay rates for website hosting do not only depend upon the space provided by the hosting company. It depends on the nature of technical requirements supported by the space.  The rate plans vary for different types of websites e.g. the rate for hosting a HTML based website won’t be same for a Flash containing website. Accordingly different plans are provided by the companies.
Windows web hosting are the used ones in the market. The selection depends on the application platform supporting specifications e.g. the selection for a site involving PHP won’t be same for a site that involves ASP.NET.

Usage of hosting for online data storage:

Now a day there is a professional businesses mostly use Windows 2012 R2 web hosting Dubai services for online data storage. These stored data can be accessed by multiple users across the world. The security of the data can be assured by protecting the data using security protocols and passwords. The data users can be authenticated by the administrator.

Responsive Web Design Solution in UAE – A ‘Must-Adopt’ Trend for Online Traders

Of late, responsive web design has successfully buzzed the web design industry. Without, going much with the introduction, let us get in the point straight. What makes responsive web design a ‘must-adopt’ trend for the online traders? Here are few highlighting points:
Decorating for various platforms- Today designing is not enough for laptop and desktop users only. You must be confident that your website or all other necessary elements can essentially translate without the device or the browser and the person can access your site comfortably.

Automatic and flexible resized images- You must necessarily make deliberate use of images because these components create a lot of problem to integrate and adjust mobile layouts. While using an image, try to program it in such a way that it can be resized or fit the requirements or restrictions of a mobile layout.

Complete labeling- When the search engine robots creep around your mobile website they do get a bit confused. This is because your content may be condensed in such a way that it fits the parameters of your mobile layout and deficiency of labels will cause your website to be in a mess. Human readers will not be confused whereas search engine robots will sometimes fall short in the sense of intuition. It’s superior to safely play it and defend your search engine ranking by careful text labeling and make fine use of your subheadings at whatever time it is appropriate.

Monitoring and checking regularly- Though responsive designing is gaining popularity but still it is literally new now. And hence there are yet many malfunctions which need to be smoothened all along. It should be beneficial if you could frequently check your website on the mobile version and watch out if everything is working out fine.For responsive web design solutions, you must find a good service provider. Along with a good designing solution, find a one stop cost effective web hosting Dubai service. Excellent designing service and proper web hosting services are the keys for success.

Why is it necessary to have a responsive website?

In this case now is a functional word. The statistical facts will prove the need of changing your websites as fast as you can. If you do not do the necessary changes then the space between you and your competition will constantly increase and that too at an exponential rate.

A recent study by MobiThinking has demonstrated that about 1.2B of the people round the world use internet through mobile devices. And above that, it is found that 25% of the people are the mobile only net users. Morgan Stanley in 2010 found out that by 2015 mobile surfing will surpass the web browsing.

Microsoft Tag in 2011 also forecasted the same results as Morgan Stanley’s. However they predicted that mobile surfing will be more famous than desktop browsing within 2014. You must do what is correct and fits your business and speak to a specialist if you wish to enjoy the profits of a responsive web design.

Different Aspects of Web Hosting UAE – Choose Your Type of Hosting Service

A web hosting is a service that allows individuals and the organizations make their websites accessible via the WWW or Worldwide Web. If you are planning to venture an online based business or if you want to run a personal blog, you need a proper web hosting service to make your website visible to the world. Plenty of web hosting services are present these days and their role is to furnish seamless hosting service to the clients.

To start with a web hosting service, you have to learn about different kinds of hosting services. Generally, in UAE or Dubai or Abu Dhabi, you will get 6 kinds of hosting services. Amongst these the first kind, i.e. free web hosting service is not considered as suitable for the professional purposes. Rests of the hosting types are suitable for different kinds of business needs. So, here is a look on the different types of high performance web hosting Dubai services.

Types of Hosting in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Web Hosting, in many large companies, which do not provide internet services, needs a computer permanently connected to the web to send emails, files to other websites. Internet hosting can also run Web servers. They are as follows:

  1. Free Web hosting service: Free website hosting can be considered as a startup hosting solution for the personal bloggers. As the hosting service is free, you will have to deal with limited services. Moreover, this is not a secured way of data storing as free servers often get hacked or maligned.
  2. Reseller Web hosting: If you have more than one domain and if you want to resell your web space to some of your clients, reseller hosting is an excellent option for you to start with. You can start your small business of web hosting with and also you can upload loads of websites at the same time.
  3. Dedicated hosting service: Dedicated Hosting is considered as the most secured and professional hosting option. Users have to buy the servers in this case. As the server is not shared or completely personalized, it is considered as safe, fast and quite professional.
  4. Managed or shared hosting services: In this case, users would not enjoy the full control over the server as the serve space will be distributed amongst a few numbers of users by the seller. Shared hosting is a cost-effective option, though you may face security issues if you do not choose a good service provider.
  5. Cloud hosting: Cloud hosting is the modern form of hosting, which has become famous recently. Cloud hosting allows the clients to enjoy scalable, reliable and safe web data hosting. If you have huge data, then nothing but cloud hosting will suit you the most.
  6. Cluster hosting and grid hosting: These are special kinds of hosting services that are applied for better resource utilization. For mass managing of the clients, this kind of website hosting would be highly beneficial.

So, make a choice according to your budget and business needs – choose a professional and reliable web hosting service provider meticulously.

A Guide to Small Business Web Hosting

No matter what is the size of the business, no matter what is the turnover, your business can never be successful in 2013 without strong or robust web presence. Creating a website can be a daunting task and it may take a few months. Not only planning your website but hiring a service provider for your website is important. We put so much time and effort in these, but what about the website launch? Do you care the same for finding a legitimate website hosting service? If you do not, then it is the time to think about your website hosting. Without high quality web hosting, your web presence will not be optimal and thus, expected results from online venture would not come.
The good thing is that plenty of website hosting services are there. So, finding web hosting solutions is easy, but choosing the best one can be really difficult. Let us have a look on the checklist that you need to consider while choosing or comparing two or three web hosting services:

  • Budget – The most important issue for any small business
  • Bandwidth – Go for higher bandwidth for seamless web performance
  • Email account – Good services offer limited yet free email hosting
  • Mysql database
  • Data Security
  • eCommerce features
  • Free web templates

A deep look on these things will definitely help you to judge a good web hosting service. Web Hosting Dubai is a professional website hosting service provider, having excellent user feedbacks in its sack. The service offers high quality web hosting services with Windows based server and all other hosting facilities that you can expect from professional companies.