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Ecommerce Application Development and Hosting Them in Reliable Server

Selecting proper web hosting service is the key for any online based businesses. Now, shared web hosting UAE options come with wide numbers of varieties. Different web hosting servers have different pricing packages and that is why users should be careful with the selection. It is not that choosing the most expensive option will serve your purposes rather it is selecting the right option with precision.

Dedicated servers are expensive, but it is for those, who are looking for serious online based business. The best part of dedicated server is that it is highly secure and completely personalized. Hence, there is no fear of data hacking, phishing, etc. Another notable thing is that dedicated servers enhance web performance. If you have huge web data, then your website may appear to be slow for the readers. But if you have hosted your website in a dedicated server, it will never lag in its performance. It will stay fast and moving and hence, your visitors will love the website.

This is the era of internet and multiple hi-tech gadgets. Indeed technology has taken a swift turn throughout the world. But when it comes to technological development in UAE, it should be regarded as a boom in this region. Advancement of technology and introduction of new gadgets in the market have also raised the demands of associated services. For example, these days, mobile based applications and web based apps have high demand.

Web development Dubai Company serves effective web based application development. With the help of Microsoft’s ASP.NET seamless ecommerce web development services Dubai is catered for those who are in demand of ace quality apps. ASP based web development has several advantages and if you can find a good service provider, then you will get all those benefits for your website or web based business.

The craze of mobile based application or smart-apps is high due to the introduction of smartphone devices. Plenty of services are there which cater custom based web applications.

Reliable and Professional Ecommerce Web Development Dubai

For the sake of your customers you need to make sure that you are taking hosting service from a very professional and reliable web host which will guarantee you 100% availability of your website always. You need to make sure that your visitors will not have to show the message of server of down or unavailability of your website when they want checks it out. So you need to take a service of a good Dubai e-commerce website development company and for the full time availability and good service you need to pay them too to retail your potential customers and get some new for you. You need to know that your little saving plan can ruin your whole website.

The server down message can let the interest of your customers down and then they will never visit your website and for that you will need to incur a huge loss which will be far more than this little saving. When they will find your website unavailable for the reason that of unexpected maintenance or untrustworthy web hosting they will be really disappointed with your service and like yours there are many websites they will find another one and they will never going to visit your website probably.

You need to make sure that you are having your own domain name and you are not using any sub-domain from another site. The web hosting becomes so much cheaper now. Now at only $10 you can get your new domain name then why you will hold back on this minor charges and savings issue.

Ecommerce Shopping Cart Software

Shopping cart is a very important component of your website that is why you need to design it very carefully. You need to know that your shopping cart must to process all your customers’ buy and payments so you need to take care of it very carefully. You can get some tips now to get a good shopping cart for your website in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

  • You need to get a really dependable and Handy ecommerce Software
  • Your website’s user interface must be very much Customizable
  • You need to make sure that you are asking for minimum details to buy your products
  • You need to make sure that your software can provide trouble-free retrieval of data for the user while they are buying products.
  • You need to get some integrated tools and features in your website

Tips for evaluating professional Dubai email hosting company

Personalized domain based business emails are more than requirements these days. Before selecting an email service provider, you need to make sure a few things. In this article, let us find some tips for choosing your professional Dubai email hosting company. There are several such companies, but finding the most reliable one is truly difficult. So, let’s hope that the following top five tips will surely help you in your endeavor.

Deciding Support Structure

You need personalized emails for seamlessness in operations. You need to send emails to your clients and have to mingle with them to enjoy more conversion rate. Thus, you cannot afford low grade services. Any service seeker would not prefer to face 3 AM email issues. So, avoid such kind of companies, which are non-professional. Opt for professional support, which offers zero server glitches and steady customer care services.

Security of Emails

Security of your email data is non-negotiable at any cost. People migrate from free emails like Gmail, Yahoomail, etc., as they want high end security. This is why you are paying to your email hosting service provider. Thus, there should not be any sorts of negotiations at all. Make sure of choosing a company that provides secured email solutions. US based Windows R2 servers are the best solutions in this regard. They provide high end security.

Server Uptime

Many businesses, in fact most of the business in modern days, are dependable on steady internet connections. For them, downtime means stop of work completely. This is why server uptime has to be checked carefully before choosing an email hosting service. Server uptime data will provide you idea about the service of the email provider. For this you need to review Service Level Agreement (SLA) to understand uptime.

Various Features and Offers

Choosing email service provider should be made with precision so that the deal becomes profitable for you. These days, email providers offer various features along with their services. For example, check number of email account that you can have. You should also check scalability features of your email accounts. Understand and analyze all these factors carefully to receive best email services.


Price is definitely a factor, and for small scale businesses it is one of the biggest factors. Choose a service provider, which offers low cost email hosting, without negotiating with the other important email hosting aspects, like security, scalability, customer services, etc.