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Purposes and Concepts behind Web Design and Web Development

Web designing is often confused with web developing. These two terms though used to point out similar purposes by “not so technical” people, are actually quite significantly different. Web designing deals with the visual part, i.e. what we see and feel. Whereas web developing is the coding part that adds functionality to the site. There are different aspects and features of a web site. These features are either attributed by web designing or by web developing means.

The first feature is the visual part. It involves color schemes, font, text alignment, graphics etc. This is the designing component of the site.

The second feature is the content. A site usually bears a number of information. This information may be product descriptions, graphical contents like product photos, the objectives of the site, the company’s mission and vision etc. The alignments of the product are based on the designing module.

The third feature is the functionality. It involves the interactive component of the site. It may contain flash figures. Coders code for different applications using JavaScript etc. to insert these functional features in the site.

The last but not the least point is the usability of the site. Usability is the feature which refers the site’s friendliness with the user.  A good and easy to go navigation system is a basic part of website design. Other than this the activity of the embedded applications is an important aspect of usability.

These features are incorporated in a website using web designing and web development both. These two components are intimately integrated for the proper production of an efficient website. The visual aspect is entirely dependant on designing. Designer use tools like Photoshop, Dreamweaver etc. to create the visual layout of the site. Coders use HTML, XML, etc. and at times Java Script and all to create the interactive nature of the site. This part is thoroughly under web development segment. But mastering over all is the conceptual part. The concept designing and planning plays the most important part behind website creation.

Overall what we can say is that the web designing is about the web interfaces. On the other hand the web development is more towards technology and testing of the technology. It builds architecture framework of ecommerce website Dubai. A good website is the result of conjugate effect of a good designer and a good developer.

Important Guidance for Choosing the Right Web Host Dubai

If you are smart enough then you should not get hosted all of your sites from single web host. This is of course a cost saving decision. But, if you want to keep your businesses separate, you need different IPs. From one professional service provider for web hosting in UAE, you shall get hosted solutions on different IPs. You should distribute the websites you have to be hosted minimum between two web hosting companies. If you put all the websites of yours in one web hosting plan then you cannot decide at all if the hosting plan is doing right for your websites or not. If you can take two services at a time then you can compare their services properly.

Just think if the web hosting company you relied upon go bad for your site or just fail your site, what should you do then? If you are having more then one web hosting company then if one website fails you, you are having immediate backup and therefore your business can be saved. Then you can inter linked all the websites too. This is one of the most primitive SEO strategies too to interlink all the websites of yours.

You should remember that you should judge any web hosting company with their price package. You should not get the idea that the cheaper web hosting will be better as you do not have to spend much on their services. and also you should think it too that if you are getting services from a expensive web host then the web host quality will be good for your website. You should judge any website with their price package. Checking reviews will be one of the best ways to check whether a web host is good or bad.

By checking the reviews you can get that idea regarding which web host is providing how much amount of disk space and bandwidth to websites and according to this you should choose the one. The bandwidth and space you will need for your website will depend on the size, reputation, traffic and sells of your website. Obviously if you are having a content site then you will not need hundreds of gigs of server space for it.

Sometimes you will see that many web hosts are offering free web hosting. If you are the first timer and you just need to get some experience then free web hosting can be good for your type of site. You will get many free features at free of cost from the free website hosts of Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Deciding Factors for Choosing Business Web Hosting Solutions in UAE

A professional website hosting service provider should have a background of experience and expertise. Unmatched professional services, coupled with affordability – should be the tagline of the company and they should constantly justify this tagline with unmatched services. When it comes to website hosting, a lot of things have been considered by the service seekers. It is not only the budget, but services which matter immensely. To keep services matched with global standards and to serve clients meticulously, professional web hosting company in Dubai has opted for robust web servers, which are completely protected and fully equipped to present amazing website hosting experience to the clients.

Team – Blending Expertise and Experience

Professional services must have a team of professional personnel, who have the perfect insight to provide flawless solutions to the clients. The team should be dedicated to cater exclusive hosting solutions, with seamless support and wide range of features. They possess experience, as well as fresh professionals, which make a perfect blend of expertise, skills and enthusiasm. To serve different sorts of services to the clients – they should be divided into different units. From managing hosting servers to resolving clients’ queries and problems – they should stay active 24 x 7 so that our clients can experience sheer professional solutions, based on ethical values.

Motto – Resounding Solutions – Loaded with Cutting Edge Features

Dynamic website hosting solution team, with a resounding motto to reach at the peak by serving unmatched quality services for the buyers or service seekers, should be chosen. They have employed all modern technology and cutting edge equipments to make it possible for the clients to experience high quality hosting features. If budget is an issue for you, then professional hosting packages would not disappoint you. The motto of the company is to attain success through spreading out the service network and that is why it compromises with the budget, but not with the service quality. Offering high disk space, bandwidth and completely protected environment to the clients should be the commitments and they must be working hard to justify their words, as well as to uplift the ethical values of their services.

Vision – Becoming Market Leader

Being a team, equipped with enthusiastic professionals, reliable web hosting company dreams of becoming leading service provider for website hosting solutions. They should be in this field for a few years and throughout their expedition, they must have uplifted services to set a journey towards the ace position.

Technology – Seamless and Cutting Edge

When it comes to the technology, professional services have developed servers with sheer meticulousness to perform heavy duty, along with precision. They commit impeccable runtime and uptime to the clients, with the help of our robust server networks. From dedicated servers to shared hosting or VPS hosting solutions, they possess precision in all aspects. Moreover, their hosting solutions come with an array of add-ons, which aid clients to manage their web data meticulously and effectively.

Dos and Don’ts of Ecommerce Web Designing UAE

Website now a very common thing, everyone wants to create their own website. You also create your own website and for that professional UAE ecommerce web design solution needs to be selected. You just remember some points which should be avoided and which should be must. Content of the website is the main thing. You must concentrate on colour font of the website.

Don’ts of Ecommerce Web Designing

  1. Poor navigation:-navigation system is important. If navigation system is smooth then user can easily move around on your website, but if navigation system is poor people cannot use your websit,they leave it and visit another website
  2. Long pages:-length of the page should be small. . You must split your pages. most user are not want to scrolling unless they think there is something good and fruitful below, so try to split pages.
  3. Too much ads:-you must avoid too much ads. These ads distracted people from your website. Content of the website is important, user visit your website to see goods content not ads. If you are earned money from these ads then you maintain a balance between ads and website.
  4. Failing updates information:-you must modify and review your website regularly. People do not want to see backdated information.
  5. Slow download time:-now a day’s people have not so much time in their hand. So download procedure should be fast. If download time is slow people don’t use your website.
  6. Making visitor wonder where they have landed: – Every page of the website clearly shows user that they are in your site. Or make sure every page get back to the home page.

Dos of Ecommerce Web Designing

  1. Layout: – The website has to be laid out in a way that makes sense to the user at first time. And also find information quickly. Many sites emphasize wrong thing because the layout is not done correctly.
  2. Interactivity: – . Good interaction gets good result. The interactivity between user and website are very important. Because for this interaction user keep longer time in your website. And for this good interaction people come again and again to your website. If you cannot interact with people they do not visit your website.
  3. Graphic design:-looks is also maturate get a good website you must apply a good graphic design. And you have no idea about graphic design you must consult with a professional graphic designer.