Business Email Hosting Dubai – Overcome Drawbacks of Free Email Hosting

It is a myth that we generally use emails for official purposes. Basically, every day we send as well as receive loads of personal emails. Some of these emails are very important for us and thus we need effective email management programs. Moreover, personal emails carry a lot of personal or intimate stuffs, and that’s why maintaining high end security is important. All that we want is effective, systematic, organized and highly secured email platform.

Canada Hitech is a professional email hosting company, offering seamless email services to the clients or customers. If you are looking for high standard email hosting services, check out our email hosting services for hassle free emailing experiences. Whether personal email or business email – our services will surely cope with all your requirements with utmost precision.

Why Choosing Us over Free Email Hosts?

When it comes to free email hosting, we have plenty of choices, like Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, MSN, etc. All of them are established names in email hosting services, and they are absolutely free. However, there are some drawbacks of these free email hosts, where we stand out as a paid email host. Whether you are facing Gmail email account issue, Yahoo email account issue or MSN email account issue – all these are common things.

We provide paid email hosting services, our services are 100% worthy for your money. Have a look at the following points:

  • Security: Security is always a concern for the free email hosts. Free email servers are not highly secured and thus vulnerable to hacking, phishing, etc. Think about it – your personal stuffs are at stake with these free email hosts. We offer email servers with top notch security. You can enjoy emailing with a peace of mind for the security of your personal stuffs. Moreover if you account has been hacked, Gmail fix or Yahoo fix is almost of no use. You may have to go for new accounts, sacrificing all your previous data. We assist our clients to recover their email if any sorts of issues take place.
  • User-friendly Interface: Are you tired of the same old prototype email interfaces from free email hosting services? If you are a hotmail user, you will find plenty of hotmail email account issue regarding the interface. Well, consider the time to change with professional email hosting services from a professional service provider. Attractive as well as engaging email interfaces are offered to the clients.
  • Built-in Messenger: We understand that if you leave your free email account, you will definitely miss the messenger service. We offer built-in messenger services for the users so that they can enjoy chatting with through our email servers. A common MSN email account issue is connecting with other email users through chat window. With our email accounts, you can connect via chat window with any kinds of users.
  • Email Organize Options: With our service, you can label email or can move to the specified folders. Organize your emails as you like.
  • Effective SPAM Blocking: SPAM or junk email is a problem with the free email servers. We offer 100% escape from SPAM or junk emails. Enjoy neat and clean email inbox.
  • Support for the Users: If you want yahoo help or Outlook help for any sorts of problems, you would not get effective results. We offer complete help services to the clients. 24 x 7 support has been guaranteed if any sorts of problems persist.

Enjoy Our Cost-effective Services

For personal email hosting, people generally do not like to spend handful money, which is of course a valid thinking. To aid the users, we have luring personal email hosting options to offer. With such minimal prices, you will get far better services that free email servers. View our email hosting plans – set your budget and claim your first email hosting account with us. Are you tired with Outlook email account issue? Well, try our services once – you would not be disappointed.