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Choosing the right ecommerce web designing service in UAE

You can get list of many websites if you search on search engine writing ‘website designer ‘. You have to choose website designer within your area. First you have to know what are your needs and then according to your needs you can choose some of them. You can get suggestions from some experts or your friends and family who are well know about this subject. And by considering the entire above first at the end you can see that you will have the list of names of 4-5 web design firms that can be the most excellently matched for your project.

Now the toughest part is to choose only one from these four or five. When you are going to evaluate each of these four or five websites designers you have to evaluate their portfolio. You have to know from how much time they are in this business and what types of websites they designed in past. If you ant to design your ecommerce website then you have to make sure that the website designer you are going to choose for designing your website should be specialised in designing ecommerce website UAE.

It’s necessary that you do some investigation about the web design firm’s work so that you can get a proper knowledge about their potential and excellence standards. You should not like a website that has very flashy or very interactive features, but you have to be pleased about a web design firm’s sense of design. You have to consider hiring a website designer company that is expertise with your type of particular industry.

When you are going to choose a website designer company you should also check what are the geographical location of their previous clients. If you see that the clients of the designer are from various geographical regions then you can be sure that the company has good global exposure and that is why it has more popularity. And it can be implemented more worldwide approach to design your website.

Now you should not choose any freelance service for your website. In that way you can never make a good website for your business. It is not possible one person to manage all the technical, visual, marketing and all the other service for your website. If anything occurs to this person then you will lose everything.

Online Business Success with Ecommerce Stores in UAE

If you are thinking to venture in the field of online business, then here is the chance for you to grab the opportunity with open hands as the online business world is blooming. Not even the small and medium sized business houses, but large multinational corporate organizations are also taking part in this recent boom of online business world. Profit making and high return are almost certain in the online world, with very minimal and thoughtful investments. Talking about thoughtful investments, the first thing that you must secure is the investment for building a terrific online web store. What is online web store Dubai? Well, online web store is nothing but a website which will act as a virtual store to furnish your products and services. People will visit your store and buy the products or services if they want.

With this simple concept online business was started but the things have become quite complex in these days to the stiff competition and rising of many business sectors in the virtual world. To win the competition and to surpass the competitors, every business owner is now trying to create something unique that would help the business to grab more attention of the potential online clients or customers. However, this is quite difficult and for this a stunning web interface is required. For these business houses need specialized or expertise solutions. Through the expertise solutions, one can build a superb virtual web platform where the business can run smoothly and can gather short time revenues at a peak rate.

So, what are the advantages of hiring a good website designer? Well, through this article we will make an effort to delve out those advantages so that online business owners can get aware of the situation. It is very crucial to have a website that is not only looks good but also should be technically sound. Several functionalities are there which modern day website offers and for availing those functionalities, hiring a good website designer is required. Here are some advantages of hiring them:

  1. Expertise Solutions – Seamless Web Performance

A good website should be seamless in terms of its performance. There are a certain things which the modern day website should possess in order to provide superb facilities to the clients or customers. One of such functions is payment gateway creation. This is important as a business hub or online business platform would provide a secure payment gateway to the buyers so that they can buy the products or services safely.

  1. Eye Catching Interface

The website interface should eye catching or attention grabbing. It is very important to attract the visitor and convert them into the potential client. If you website looks good, visitors get a sense of reliability and that turns them into potential clients from merely visitors.

  1. Ethical Web Design

A website should be ethically developed with precision and accuracy. The website should feature different services, along with a rule or guideline that is regarded as the standard web guideline. This would also aid you in website marketing too. Ethical website always gets greater visibility in the web.

Top Notch Web Hosting Services in UAE

While taking service from a professional hosting service in UAE you will see that you need to fill up a form and in this form all the terms and conditions of the web host will be written you need to make sure that before signing up the form you are thoroughly going through the terms and conditions. You need to make sure that their use policy id acceptable enough for you.

You need to remember that the terms of services is a bond between you and the web hosting company. Hence you need to read the bond very carefully and should check all the documents. Before signing up the form you need to make sure that you are aware of your rights and you should make certain that you will go to get the expectations of yours from the web host.

It will be good if you can get money back guarantee from your webs host though very few web host actually provide the money back guarantee. Some web host will promise you that you can get the total money refund that you have paid within 30 Days. But you need to make sure that what they are saying that is many web hosts say that they will not refund money for the domain name as these things are not reversible.

The domain name you took cannot be taken by any other web master. So, if while taking service of any host if you are thinking that you just want to try their service for testing then you should take service from these host outs services. These hosts out web hosts will be providing you a guarantee of money back so you can test their service for a month then if you not like the service provided by them then you can swatch and have your money.

But if you are okay with the web host then you should not change it for just experiment as finding a good web host is really tough. If you are having any problems first tell them to resolve those and see how they are responding. If their respond is good then you should stay with them and if it is not then you have to change the web host. Si in that way you can get a good web host in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Ecommerce Web Success through Technology Driven Strategies

Now a day’s business is highly influenced by technology without which neither products can be produced nor can be distributed for selling purpose. Today technology is also entering into the business market. The essence of marketing is to inform as many people as possible about the product or service offered by the concern. Not only informing but also presenting it in its most attractive form. Technology is doing all of this for the concerns with great efficiency and a very cost effective manner. This new way of doing business is called E-Commerce. It does the job of marketing the product/services, delivering the orders and taking the payments also.

For best ecommerce benefit and success, you need a seamless virtual platform. It must contain a secured payment gateway and advanced product gallery. Nevertheless, ecommerce website design in Dubai should be tactical and robust. The website must be developed as per search engine guidelines so that default SEO benefits can be derived.

It provides great benefits for both the parties involving in a transaction, the buyers and the sellers. From the consumer’s point of view it gives many new benefits that they didn’t have before. Now they have many options over a single thing they wanted to buy or they’ve many choices of vendors providing the product or service as there are a large number of manufacturers trying to sell their product or service over the internet.

You can see a large number of virtual shops exhibiting a large number of varieties within a single site. People don’t have to go out for shopping. It allows them to buy things residing at home in any time. This home shopping is a real convenience for those who are handicapped. Consumers can perform a comparison test between different homogenous products and their prices. This price comparison has increased business competition and benefits the buyer by lowering prices and improved services like reviews and suggestions etc. Delivering ordered products is much more customized and fast due to large competition.

From the producers’ point of view, it broadens the market for business concern to the extent that they can’t reach physically within so limited time. They can reach a large number of people through internet and market their product economically. It is a great alternative for paper which is needed in every step of a transaction for information interchange. It can create, store, process, distribute and retrieve information through electronic data interchange. It also does a great job in reducing  inventory cost and production cycle time.

Physical marketing and door to door selling costs much more than doing it through e-commerce for instance in e-marketing there is no need of printing pamphlets. The last and most important part of e-commerce is helping the seller to improve customer service which earns them goodwill. It provides the customer information before and after sales.

Top 10 Most Popular Ecommerce Websites of Dubai, Abu Dhabi and UAE

Ecommerce growth in Middle East is quite commendable over the last few years. According to reports, ecommerce sales touch around $15 billion in the year of 2015. In forthcoming years, the profitability of ecommerce websites is anticipated to be increasing optimally. Presently, Middle Eastern region has more than 4 million online shoppers, and the leading countries are UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Egypt. So, it is worth to check a list of popular ecommerce in Dubai as well as in other regions of Middle East.


For designer fashion apparels or clothing in Middle East, this is the most popular website for the online buyers. People love shopping their apparels online these days, and suffices the needs of buyers with precision. Along with multiple payment gateways, the website also offers COD (Cash on Delivery) option.


This online shopping store is dedicated to products that are related mothers and babies. From arrays of baby care products to multiple gift items – you will find this website to possess excellent collections of products.

  1. offers multiple ranges of products, including fashionable stuffs, accessories, cloths, electronic gadgets and many more. This is one of the most user-friendly ecommerce website, offering live chat and instant shopping facilities to users.


Carrefour is recognized as the second largest ecommerce website of the world. Obviously, this ecommerce website will offer a lot of robust facilities to buyers. Plenty of products have been featured by this website. More than 200,000 products are available in this website.

  1. is one of the most popular online shopping websites of UAE. This ecommerce platform features a lot of products, including books, movies, computer parts, laptops, music, games, and many more.


Jadopado is a different ecommerce platform; it features unique concept. Basically it is an auction marketplace, where one can buy as well as sell various types of goods. For buying products, one needs to bid his or her amount on the product.


If you are a beauty geek or conscious person, visit this ecommerce website to buy all sorts of skin care goods. It features wide ranges of products from reputed manufacturers. Hence, without any doubt, it is one of the best places for buying online skin care products in Middle East.


Initiated in 2008, is one do the oldest and reputed ecommerce platform in Middle East. It sells all kinds of items for your needs. From toys for kids to fashionable garments – you will get countless products here in this online store.


This is an ecommerce platform that features all fashionable items for the buyers. Apart from designer clothes and accessories, it also sells different types of home décor items and electronic goods.

  1. is one of the leading ecommerce destinations of Middle East. In Arabic, Tejuri means safe of vault. So, as the name suggest, this ecommerce shop features all sorts of security items for you needs. It offer multiple and safe payment gateways.

Most Important Parts of a Perfect Ecommerce Platform

Extrapolating customer base is of utmost importance for any web designing firm. It needs to make sure that it not only retains old customers but also manages to reach new customers and satisfy their requirements. Bolstering growth and financial stability is very important for any web designer or web designing company.

Hence mastering the nuances of ecommerce web designing UAE will certainly empower a web designer to excel in his profession. In order to do so one requires designing a web page that is very inviting and arresting so that it can manage to get good amount of traffic and for this websites need to be user friendly.

Mentioned below are some important usability tips for web designers which one can follow to not only aggrandize the growth potential but also make the website more arresting and user friendly:

  • Clarity: making one’s website easy and lucid to navigate is of utmost priority. You need to make the website user friendly and hence ace designing firms and designers lay great emphasis on the “clarity” of the website. The sites should be distinct and very much self explanatory. Usage of click navigation, familiar and apparent looking links, well organized structures and clear layouts are certain indispensable tools that can help you achieve this.
  • Privacy: often users serf away from certain web sites that ask for personal information like email ids or etc owing to reasons of privacy. Hence web designers should make sure that first they allow the users to navigate  and explore by themselves the services which the website is offering and then ask for supplying personal information. This in turn makes the users more willing to share their personal information.
  • Brevity:  the chief allure for a consumer is speed and convenience and this should always be treated with care so that you do not indulge your users in something that is boring and time consuming. Hence web designers should keep forms precise and short so that customers do not tend to leave your website. This issue is generally applicable for e-commerce website or those offering service or a tool which requires form filling.
  • Readability:  websites should be such that users without wasting much time can quickly skim through the site to locate their desired content. Designers should incorporate headings, break up paragraphs, frequently italicize, put captions, bullet points, and bold words and use images to explain the content better. This will make the site terse and highly usable.
  • Simplicity:  “keep it simple” should be the mantra. Limit features like audio and video clips with irrelevant and unwanted pop ups. Hierarchical structures can be incorporated by designers to delineate the content better. Font, coloring and structure should be precise and crisp so that they do not overwhelm the user and prevent them to use your site.
  • Attractive:  designers should make sure that the sites look attractive and professional by using correct layouts. Sites should also be business relevant clearly depicting one’s business model and tone.

These tips will work like magic spells if a web designer can properly infuse them in his area of work.

Ecommerce Web Designing for Advanced Business Solutions

Ecommerce web designing service is very vital for your business since it is the first and the foremost impression of your credibility and business to a web surfer. Web design is quite fun and it is all about convincing the user that they did fetch out something valuable by paying a visit to your web site. The purpose of web designing is to enhance the user’s experience by adding value to it. Web designing can be also defined as a formation of digital ambience that enable and hearten human activity. Others are of the opinion that web designing includes all tasks involved in forming or shaping a web page.

A web page essentially consists of two fundamental aspects:

  • The visual presentation where the user usually interacts
  • The back end which encompasses all the required context and material for all non human browsers.

The languages which are used in web designing are HTML and XHTML. By incorporating both these languages a web artist or a designer is able to let a browser know that how the web page will be in appearance. Web designing also includes the use of other techniques and programs by designers when they are constructing a website.

Web designers use script editors for PHP, JAVA or SAP. They also use HTML editors and graphic programs. A web site should always be designed keeping in mind the basic reason or demand behind its construction. It should not only be about appearance or functionality but it should be very much business oriented.

It should consider the requirement of the organization or the institution for which the website is being designed. The creative design of a particular web page is always controlled by a web designer and the designer should endeavor hard to create something informative catchy and unique which will suffice the client’s needs and demands.

Ecommerce shopping cart designing UAE is of vital importance since a site’s scope of receiving potential traffic depends on its design. No matter how wonderful and great the substance and programming of a site is if that site is not well done up then it eventually loses its purpose and even the presence of any potential or probable traffic.

The intensity of seduction and the significance of shape should never be obliterated. Seduction here implies great quality of writing which is capable of keeping a user glued to a particular website. Good typography and navigation is of utmost importance when it comes to web designing.

Web design can also be termed as information design since it incorporates such complex skills of varying ranges. Web design is predominately about business and marketing. A quality, well equipped and well conceptualized web design is imperative for a fruitful business. Every business needs web designs which will maximize and magnify the scope of the business and not only add shimmer but will also be successful in providing information to a huge plethora of audience.  Web designing is indeed fun and it changes continually. It is an indispensable tool which not only helps your business soar high but it also illuminates and impresses your readers.

Web Designing in Dubai – Professional and Dedicated Solutions

Website designing is one of the most sought after services these days. For effectual online visibility, it is imperative to have a well designed website that can showcase your products or services. There are two different parts; front-end and back-end. The back-end portion is needed for developing the technical part of the website and front-end part is used when the designing part is needed for designing the website. The computer programming language is used in the back-end section and the website designers create the web template by using the designing software. People are very much aware and benefited by this web site designing service. Web designing Dubai is a popular and helpful service these days.

UAE Hosting Solutions – Three Kinds of Popular Web Hosting

The various Affordable Dubai web host companies allow customers to procure the available bandwidth and a part of disk space for a monthly rental which fortunately is quite less than the cost it could have mounted to if you were to operate a server by a data center or from your home itself.

Well in a lay man’s term web hosting is nothing but renting some space on a particular web server. This web server is a special computer armed with special software that facilitates it to obtain requests for the stored website files so that it can send them back pertaining the computer to display these stored files. This practice of furnishing space and bandwidth on these web servers which are extremely high powered defines web hosting.

Shared Web Hosting

This type is the most common out of all. Over 95% of the various websites which we find on the internet are functioning in the above mentioned web hosting environment. Shared hosting implies the affordable UAE website hosting of several websites on a single server. The expense of operating this server is shared by the various clients hosted on this particular server. Hence this process is very cost effective and is universally cheaper as compared to any other web hosting offer.

Reseller Web Hosting

In this hosting type, server storage facility is provided to a third party by a web hosting provider at a less price, who in turn resells the provided web server storage to their own customers. Here the third party is the reseller. Mostly these resellers are system integration companies, web developers or designers who sell these storage facilities as an added service to better the other services provided by them.

Dedicated Web Hosting

If one wishes to have an entire web server on rent then that is termed as dedicated web hosting. Usually owners who have a big and powerful website that gets a lot of traffic and who do not wish to have a server on share basis are the ones who opt for this web hosting type. Here you exercise greater amount of control and power over the use and configuration of the server. Dedicated hosting is more costly as compared to the rest types since here there is only one particular host. This type is best for those who have an extremely busy website and are looking for extra security without any outside interference. You can also get low cost or affordable website hosting UAE, if you are seeking dedicated servers for you business.

Ecommerce Web Development UAE – Paving Ways towards Commercial Success

Website designing, especially e-commerce website designing in Dubai is one of the most sought after services. Today, a lot of websites are there, offering flawless web designing solutions. However, to make sure that you choose the right web designing company, you need to check a few factors with precision.

Judge the designer’s potential well. Look carefully what are designers’ preferences, range and versatility. In this way you can get how your business can be portrayed by the designer in the online. You should choose a versatile designer. If you are not getting a versatile designer then you need to make absolutely sure that the designer is experienced in the type of website you want to build for your business. You need to check the designer’s portfolio.

You should check those websites he or she made earlier. You need to make sure that all the previous website the designer has built previously are able to show their business whole idea clearly to you. From the interface try to see how the web pages is flowing one side to another in the total website and how easily they are flowing. You need to make sure that your site is easily navigable. If customers cannot figure out that how to go through you whole site then your website will be a useless one at the end of the day.

The best way to judge a website designer through their portfolio is to contact their previous clients and ask them about their experience. You can get contact number of previous clients from the portfolio or you can get them at the website of the website designer. You should contact then and ask how their business is going after they launched their website. You should want to know how the customers are reacting with their websites.

If your website is not navigable and customers are not getting how your website is doing then you cannot create a good business online. People are so much busy now and you have to keep in mind that now there are thousands of competitors in this market and everyone is good so the customers will not spend much time in your website if they cannot find what they are intended to find in your website.

The main aim of building an ecommerce website is get more profit and return and customers from your business. So you need to ask the previous clients whether they are getting all the things from their website or not. You need to make sure that the designer is using the right type of framework for your website. There are many types of frameworks so you need to choose the best for your website.