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Effectual Business Web Hosting Services in UAE

Web hosting service, also internet hosting service allows connecting to the internet that allows individuals and corporate alike in getting access to the World Wide Web. There is affordable Web Hosting Company in Dubai who can provide a space on the web server for the clients’ use through the use of internet connectivity.

Free web hosting service, shared web hosting service, reseller web hosting services, virtual dedicated server, managed hosting service, cloud hosting, collocation web hosting service, grid hosting, home server, clustered hosting, dedicated hosting service, etc. Free web hosting service includes limited web hosting at no price. Shared web hosting includes placing of a website along with many other sites on the same server.

Various internet hosting services includes full-featured hosting, web hosting, content based, application specific web hosting and other specific types including DNS, game server, remote backup, and email. Full features hosting includes dedicated hosting, virtual private server, cloud hosting and collocation center. Web hosting includes shared hosting, free hosting, reseller hosting and clustered hosting. Application based web hosting includes blog commenting, guild hosting, image, video, wiki farms, application, social network. Content format includes file, image, video and music.

Clients can host websites, themselves. They could be acting for individual and for various other combined hosting, depending on who the reseller is. Virtual dedicated servers are servers where one website is placed on one single dedicated server alone. Dedicated hosting service where the user gets own control over the web service. Managed hosting services are those that do not allow the user to have full control over the server but is actually managed by others.

Single page hosting where only web pages are used to placed. Certain websites that requires complex coding also has database support along with application development platforms including PHP, Java, and Ruby on Rails, Cold Fusion or ASP.NET. In that case, you need UAE hosting services to host your website. You also know about Cpanel to configure your website’s interface and user experience on the web.

Cloud hosting are hosting services based on clustered load-balanced servers. Clustered hosting services have multiple servers with availability of dedicated hosting. Grid hosting is when a server cluster acts like a grid and has multiple nodes. To run an ecommerce website or an online based business, you need robust and secured hosting services. US based servers with high bandwidth will serve your business purposes. Though dedicated hosting is always recommended, shared hosting is too a good alterative especially for startup businesses.

Selecting the right business hosting plan in Dubai for ecommerce business success

Free hosting is luring for many web masters but this has many disadvantages over this advantage. They offer very limited number of services. They will put restrictions on your products and contents which will be really annoying for you. You will see that if your website is down you cannot contact them. You will not get any support from them at the time of difficulty. But instead of so many disadvantages that are new in this field free website hosting companies could show to be supportive for them.

You must make a list before picking the best web hosting Dubai service provider. At the first place of this list you must include factors like bandwidth and disk space. For perfectly functioning it should also take in uptime and server speed in consideration. Other than the factors of checklist, it is important to carry out a detailed investigation prior to you confirm your website hosting company. You have to make sure that their dependability and maintain proves unquestionable.

After making the list you must not think that it is the end of your web site hosting. The next thing you need to is choosing the accurate hosting type. You should choose the accurate type of hosting from this several options. You will have dedicated server, shared hosting, virtual hosting etc in your criteria. If you are first timer and don’t need huge amount of traffic and bandwidth now then the shared hosting will be the best choice for you. It is also appropriate for the website masters who require focusing on their web selling with tunnelling into the seed of the host servers.

If your enterprise has lots of visitors and for you will need lots of traffic and bandwidth then you have to take dedicated hosting service as shared hosting can offer you limited amount of bandwidth. If you don’t have enough money to take dedicated server and also the service of shared hosting cannot satisfying you then the right choice will be for you if the virtual private server.

After deciding the types of web hosting then you need to choose the strategies of web hosting plans. You need to mention the type of website you have to the hosting service provider to get the right type of website hosting plans. There can be several website services are available according to your type of site like personal, ecommerce, business etc.

Pros and Cons of VPS Hosting UAE

Choosing a website hosting solution is quite a daunting task and having a bit technical knowledge in this would definitely help the users. Now, for seamless website hosting dedicated server have no matches at present. They are fast, reliable and secure. Though, the main problem with them is definitely their cost. Dedicated servers are not for everyone as they are pretty costly. Those, who cannot afford, generally go for either shared hosting or virtual server hosting. Now the million dollar question is – which one among these two is appropriate in terms of web data security and seamless website performance?

Let us come to the point straight! When it comes to compare these two, virtual servers are always regarded as better options. The first reason is data security. In VPS Dubai hosting data is completely secured and your server is not shared with anyone else. Another great benefit is that VPS hosting provides a set of unique IP addresses. This aids the users who use virtual private mail servers. Your mailbox will always stay safe from things, like – hacking, spamming, etc.

As the number of websites is increasing, web hosting services are getting addressed more frequently in these days. Dedicated server hosting is good, but it is quite expensive. On the other hand, data security is also a big issue in these days as cyber crimes, like – hacking, spamming, etc. are becoming more and more prominent in these days. In this scenario, virtual server hosting seems the best solution to opt for. Well, you must be uttering the word in your mind – ‘Why?’ Through this piece of writing we will find out the suitable answers.

  • First of all, VPS servers are secure. 100% security is provided to the buyers.
  • You can start, reboot and install all the applications that you want on your VPS server. This is truly a good advantage in offering and this would only be availed in dedicated servers. Shared hosting servers would not allow you to do these stuffs. Two most common VPS apps are – Open VZ and Xen.
  • Easy operations, zero cost maintenance are some the other benefits of VPS hosting.

Importance of Cloud Computing and Hosting for Modern Businesses

The process of cloud computing is gaining popularity day by day. It is now very important to understand the characteristics and also the differences between the cloud securities which are generally offered by many cloud organizations. At first a huge amount of publicity and false assumptions surrounded the idea of cloud computing but now a days it has become much common term. This happened due to more uptakes of gadgets like Smartphone, laptops in private consumer area. And also the effect of shifting to home based work required virtualized and centralized computing resources. Even we use few form of cloud computing every time without recognizing it.

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing can be defined as, any summary where the cloud client or we can say the user can access computing assets from a virtual environment or cloud via internet connection. The assets could be on the user’s local machine, local network or other networks. This services mainly works by arrangers amalgamating together capacious physical assets to form a service, which users can utilize whenever they want. For this process they will not need to install any software or hardware. The term cloud computing was originally resultant of the figure of “cloud” which generally symbolizes the “internet” in the diagrams and flowcharts. Cloud computing symbolizes everything which associates with delivering of hosted services on the internet.

Cloud Computing – Distinctiveness

Cloud computing consists of three major properties. Basically, these properties distinguish cloud computing from the traditional hosting:

  • The whole service is totally managed by the provider.
  • It can only be sold on demand, but the demand could be of foe few minutes or of few hours or more.
  • In a given time, a user can employ any amount of the amplitude according to their requirements.

Proficient Web Design UAE Services for Utmost Business Profitability

Have you ever wondered how you feel if the website that you are looking for takes too much time to load or the pages are not as attractive when compared with others that offer similar services? Well, it is undoubtedly a horrendous experience because website visitors do not remain in any particular website for a long time according to general observations by webmasters. However, a professional website design company should have the necessary pull factor for attracting the visitors.
Moreover, the products and services offered by a business can also be featured in the website so that the target customers are able to know about them through the internet. The emergence and popularity of the internet has proved that this is one of the moist convenient medium through which the possibilities of a business can be pushed ahead. Website designing Dubai must be consulted for knowing the options that are available for business entities and the scope that provides for the improvement of the services. The cost of website design is much less when compared with the huge cost of advertisements.
If you are a business owner, you must also have knowledge about Dubai web design because it will allow you to know what will work best for your business when it comes to standard designs. The first thing that you need to do is to discuss the matter with a web design specialist in Dubai. This is important because there are a variety of design options that are available nowadays and the assignment must be handled by a company specializing in website design and web hosting in Dubai. While the internet can be used as a medium for featuring your business, it can also be used for locating a good website designing company in Dubai.

Although, the internet is a popular option for those who are using it regularly, the speed of the net is different for every user. Under such circumstances, a website must be designed in a manner so that the customers face least problems at the time of loading and an easy navigation is desired in this case. This is where website designing Dubai will come into play as the master designers have the proficiency that is required while carrying out their designing jobs. There are various factors affecting the quality of a website such as the choice of colors and the information or content that is present therein.
Ideally, a website should be easy and convenient to peruse as far as a majority of website visitors are pressed for time while they are trying to get the information that they require. This is the primary reason for which the visitors must be convinced about the content and the design that is featured in a website. Easier said than done, websites have brought in a new lease of life for businesses that are trying to struggle with the aspects of promotion and advertisement. Therefore, ecommerce web design Dubai is of utmost importance for taking a business to newer heights.

5 Benefits of Personalized Business Email Hosting Dubai

Business email hosting is for the professional minded people, who are planning for serious business expansion. Many small businesses use @Gmail.Com or @YahooMail.Com based email accounts. Such email accounts do not look professional at all, especially when you are interacting with your clients. Nevertheless, personalized business email hosting accounts give more opportunity to organize Emails. Also, professional hosted email services ensure your data security. Such email accounts are protected from hacking, phishing, etc. So, why opting for free email servers, when you can enjoy more professional profile with paid email hosting accounts?

In the following section of this article, we shall find some of major advantages of choosing Cloud email hosting Dubai:

1. Personalized Emails Look Professional

Your business should make an impact to others’ mind. It should give a feeling that you are serious with your business ventures and commitments. This is why people decorate their offices to make them more attractive before visitors. The same thing you need at the virtual place too. We generally have a professional business website. However, in one thing, we lag and that is personalized email accounts. Personalized email accounts give the feeling that you are genuine, serious minded and professional.

2. Convert Your Business Name into Brand Name

A business can be considered as successful, if it manages to become a brand name from its simple business name. Becoming a brand means more exposure and recognition. Personalized hosted email accounts let you to build your brand in the online world. If you are a startup company, you need business boost through business email accounts.

3. Let Your Email to Become More Organized

With free email hosting accounts, you only get some limited email organization options. On the other hand, with professional business email server, you can enjoy optimal freedom for email organization. Make your emails more organized and sort them easily whenever required.

4. Enjoy High End Security

Free email hosting servers have major security flaws. No matter it is Gmail or Hotmail, security concern is always there. Opt for professional cloud based business email hosting in UAE to enjoy high end security for your account. A good email hosting service provider will ensure top notch security service for you.

5. Email Accounts as per Budget

There is a misconception that small business houses cannot afford personalized email hosting accounts. The matter of fact is that several email hosting plans are there and you will surely find one that suits your budget perfectly. Find a professional and trusted service to grab cost-effective and budget-friendly email hosting account services.

Business Light Hosting Package – A Perfect Hosting Plan for Startup Businesses

For a startup business, online exposure is required. In fact, online presence helps a business to grow uniformly as well as swiftly. When it comes to online exposure of a business, three things are considered to be highly essential. The first one is social media presence, second one is a website and third one is a web hosting server for safeguarding as well as hosting the web data online. Without professional web hosting services in Dubai, online presence of a website is not possible.

When it comes to popular web hosting plans in UAE, startup business owners generally look for something that do not need heavy investments. It is obvious for a startup organization to go slow with investment schemes, as risk factor remains high during the initial phase of a business. Keeping these aspects in mind Canada HiTech has launched Business Light Hosting Package Dubai. The plan is suitable for professional usages and at the same time, it is quite reasonable in terms of cost. With only AED 1200 per year, one can adopt this extremely beneficial hosting package, which features loads of beneficial options for the users.
What Will You Get?
As mentioned, with only AED 1200 per year, Business Light web hosting package offers several beneficial options for the web owners. Here are the features of this plan at a glance:

  • 1 GB hard disk space
  • 15 MB monthly bandwidth
  • High performance – complete reliability
  • Plesk Parallel 11X control panel – user-friendly and easy to be used
  • 99.999% network uptime
  • Windows 2012 Server
  • 100 email accounts (150 MB each)
  • SQL server 2008 R2 / 2012 – 500MB DB size

Business Light Hosting Package is one of the best crafted packages in Dubai that offers excellent hosting features, within a reasonable budget – perfectly suited for the newly launched businesses. Small-medium sized business owners can enjoy a professional edge, without much worrying about their yearly expense for adopting a seamless or flawless web hosting UAE package.

Hire Corporate Web Designing Services in Abu Dhabi

Web designing is an extreme lucrative market which is developing with the advancement of technology in the modern era. The internet scene is buzzing with new inventions and a thirst for superiority. Thus most web designing companies are cashing in the opportunity to flourish their business and maximise the opportunities.
The concept of web designing compiles various different skills and techniques in case of the production and maintenance of websites. The various different areas of web designing consist of web graphic design, authoring, interface design, user experience design and finally the search engine optimization.

A Professional Team for Web Design
If you are looking for a website designing service in Dubai or Abu Dhabi or UAE, you must look for a professional team, which is rightly poised with technologies and expertise to serve the best quality services. The web designing job is carried on by teams of programmers and designers and the companies hire efficient people to do the work. The word web designing is usually used in order to describe the designing process related to the designing of a complete website along with web development. The designers are expected to follow the guidelines set for designing the websites and subsequently use all the high end technology to meet the expectation of the consumers. Along with good web design service also find professional Domain registration and web hosting UAE for making your website accessible for the world.
Web Design Tools
The web designers use various kinds of tools in case of the production process of the websites depending on the situations and demands placed by the companies and individuals. The market of website designing is extremely popular in countries like UAE, Qatar and various other Middle Eastern countries. The companies of these countries were devoid of any proper promotion and despite having immense potential were underutilized and unappreciated.
The web designers are given the job of creating the website for any individual or any company which helps them to promote their means of business and in return provides them with benefits and hefty payment. The website is an important part of the marketing strategy of any company from any corner of the world and it is used by all leading enterprises to promote and advertise their services. Thus, the web designing sector is flourishing day by day and even more companies are venturing into this line of work. The companies aim to provide websites to all the companies who aim at creating a valuable and effective website for themselves.

Windows Based Web Hosting in UAE for Professional Online Enterprises

There are two discrete steps behind the construction and publication of a website. At the first step, the pages of the websites are designed according to the customer’s specifications. Different texts, graphics, and visual effects are added as per requirement. At the second step the website so far designed is associated with the WWW so that it becomes visible to the internet user. This is called the web hosting.

Web Hosting is a process with which a designed webpage or website is made accessible using internet via the WWW. Different hosting companies are there which provide space for the client’s websites in their owned or leased servers. Once provided with this space and a unique name the website becomes ready to be accessed by the internet users.

Free and paid web-hosting:
There are many companies available in the market who offers free space for website hosting. In these cases the space is limited and this hosting supports only basic pages. It does not provide platform for different application languages like PHP, ColdFusion, and JAVA etc.  This type of hosting is suitable for small personal websites which involve less technical requirements.
On the other hand, for business websites and e- commerce web sites, which involve far complex techniques free web hosting is not a feasible option. Paid hosting is thus required here.   For these types of websites the hosting must support databases as these involve user databases, product databases and transaction databases etc. Again these paid hosting provides platforms for application developments.
The pay rates for website hosting do not only depend upon the space provided by the hosting company. It depends on the nature of technical requirements supported by the space.  The rate plans vary for different types of websites e.g. the rate for hosting a HTML based website won’t be same for a Flash containing website. Accordingly different plans are provided by the companies.
Windows web hosting are the used ones in the market. The selection depends on the application platform supporting specifications e.g. the selection for a site involving PHP won’t be same for a site that involves ASP.NET.

Usage of hosting for online data storage:

Now a day there is a professional businesses mostly use Windows 2012 R2 web hosting Dubai services for online data storage. These stored data can be accessed by multiple users across the world. The security of the data can be assured by protecting the data using security protocols and passwords. The data users can be authenticated by the administrator.

Responsive Web Design Solution in UAE – A ‘Must-Adopt’ Trend for Online Traders

Of late, responsive web design has successfully buzzed the web design industry. Without, going much with the introduction, let us get in the point straight. What makes responsive web design a ‘must-adopt’ trend for the online traders? Here are few highlighting points:
Decorating for various platforms- Today designing is not enough for laptop and desktop users only. You must be confident that your website or all other necessary elements can essentially translate without the device or the browser and the person can access your site comfortably.

Automatic and flexible resized images- You must necessarily make deliberate use of images because these components create a lot of problem to integrate and adjust mobile layouts. While using an image, try to program it in such a way that it can be resized or fit the requirements or restrictions of a mobile layout.

Complete labeling- When the search engine robots creep around your mobile website they do get a bit confused. This is because your content may be condensed in such a way that it fits the parameters of your mobile layout and deficiency of labels will cause your website to be in a mess. Human readers will not be confused whereas search engine robots will sometimes fall short in the sense of intuition. It’s superior to safely play it and defend your search engine ranking by careful text labeling and make fine use of your subheadings at whatever time it is appropriate.

Monitoring and checking regularly- Though responsive designing is gaining popularity but still it is literally new now. And hence there are yet many malfunctions which need to be smoothened all along. It should be beneficial if you could frequently check your website on the mobile version and watch out if everything is working out fine.For responsive web design solutions, you must find a good service provider. Along with a good designing solution, find a one stop cost effective web hosting Dubai service. Excellent designing service and proper web hosting services are the keys for success.

Why is it necessary to have a responsive website?

In this case now is a functional word. The statistical facts will prove the need of changing your websites as fast as you can. If you do not do the necessary changes then the space between you and your competition will constantly increase and that too at an exponential rate.

A recent study by MobiThinking has demonstrated that about 1.2B of the people round the world use internet through mobile devices. And above that, it is found that 25% of the people are the mobile only net users. Morgan Stanley in 2010 found out that by 2015 mobile surfing will surpass the web browsing.

Microsoft Tag in 2011 also forecasted the same results as Morgan Stanley’s. However they predicted that mobile surfing will be more famous than desktop browsing within 2014. You must do what is correct and fits your business and speak to a specialist if you wish to enjoy the profits of a responsive web design.