Cost Effective Website Hosting – Know Your Options

Advantage of paid hosting:

Recent every businessmen has there website and there are many blogging site also. So be alive in this market you have to design a website properly but after designing another the most important thing is hosting. For newbie it is good to select a hosting plan which will be free. But as you need not to pay any money to them they have some limitations in their services. You can get many nice features from the paid host and you can get these from any free host. Some Important features that a paid host can offer are name of your personal domain, CGI-BIN, FTP access etc.

If you try you to do the entire web hosting jobs at free it will surely reduce the potential of your website. In paid shared web hosting service you can get budget paid hosting also so you get paid hosting facilities at low cost. In such case you need to pay only minimal amount. But their customer support will be not so good. To get perfect blend of cheap rate and good service you can also try the mid-range web hosting services. But if you want something best for your business, you should choose high end services.

Advantage of free hosting:

If you are a newbie then you can get free hosting service for some period of time to see how the entire thing works. If you have personal website then you also can get free web hosting service as personal website does not need lots of bandwidth like a business website. Free host service can be stepping stone of using paid host service. After getting the idea regarding hosting you can choose paid hosting to run lots of high speed websites. Many well known companies offer free web hosting services like Yahoo, Angelfire, Geocities etc.

Disadvantage of free and paid hosing:

As they are providing you free hosting you have to accept many unnecessary pop-up at your site. These windows can be problems to view your website completely and too many pop-ups will irritate the visitors also at last drive them away from your site. The free hosts can not offer you lots of bandwidth. You only can get limited bandwidth at free of cost. So if your site becoming very popular and getting lots of traffic then with the limited bandwidth it can get disabled temporarily from its visitors. And of course no owner of any website will want this situation.