Different Website Hosting Options in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Website hosting is an important thing if you are considering venturing in some online businesses. Online business has become a common trend in these days and for that seamless website development, associated with high class hosting services is required. In Dubai or UAE, you will find several hosting service provider, offering excellent web hosting UAE plans and packages. The best part is that such hosting packages are affordable and seamless hosting solutions have been guaranteed by the service providers. Here are some of the website hosting options for you, if you are considering to upload your website or virtual office or eCommerce website in the world of ‘WWW’.

  1. Shared Hosting – The cheapest of all but not suitable for the professional people. If you are thinking of running a personal blog or similar kind of thing, then shared hosting is good enough. But for professional purposes, it is not a secure platform. Due to shared bandwidth, you will get low speed too.
  2. Dedicated Hosting – Dedicated hosting options are best amongst all sorts of hosting options. These are fast and reliable. Most importantly, dedicated servers are completely safe options for the business owner as the server is completely dedicated to the buyers. That means the server is not shared between few buyers, like the shared hosting server. You can enjoy unlimited and unshared bandwidth with such server and that is why high speed performance and full customization option for the server are there for you in offering.
  3.  Seedbox – Seedbox is basically nothing but dedicated servers, but they are mainly recognized as the high speed servers. Among salient types of dedicated servers these are amongst the top, in terms of their speed offering. Excellent security and high end cutting edge performance have been guaranteed with these.
  4. VPN – Virtual Private Network Hosting is suitable for those who do not want to disclose their identity or IP address. These are reliable and safe from the internet evils, like – hacking, phishing, etc.

Not only the selection of good server, but the selection of a good service provider should be your matter of concern. Robust and enthusiastic businesses provide full support to their clients at the highest level. They deliver 24 x 7 services, along with robust solutions for your problems with your server or hosting plan. Dubai or Abu Dhabi is the best place now-a-days to find such services.

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