Dos and Don’ts of Ecommerce Web Designing UAE

Website now a very common thing, everyone wants to create their own website. You also create your own website and for that professional UAE ecommerce web design solution needs to be selected. You just remember some points which should be avoided and which should be must. Content of the website is the main thing. You must concentrate on colour font of the website.

Don’ts of Ecommerce Web Designing

  1. Poor navigation:-navigation system is important. If navigation system is smooth then user can easily move around on your website, but if navigation system is poor people cannot use your websit,they leave it and visit another website
  2. Long pages:-length of the page should be small. . You must split your pages. most user are not want to scrolling unless they think there is something good and fruitful below, so try to split pages.
  3. Too much ads:-you must avoid too much ads. These ads distracted people from your website. Content of the website is important, user visit your website to see goods content not ads. If you are earned money from these ads then you maintain a balance between ads and website.
  4. Failing updates information:-you must modify and review your website regularly. People do not want to see backdated information.
  5. Slow download time:-now a day’s people have not so much time in their hand. So download procedure should be fast. If download time is slow people don’t use your website.
  6. Making visitor wonder where they have landed: – Every page of the website clearly shows user that they are in your site. Or make sure every page get back to the home page.

Dos of Ecommerce Web Designing

  1. Layout: – The website has to be laid out in a way that makes sense to the user at first time. And also find information quickly. Many sites emphasize wrong thing because the layout is not done correctly.
  2. Interactivity: – . Good interaction gets good result. The interactivity between user and website are very important. Because for this interaction user keep longer time in your website. And for this good interaction people come again and again to your website. If you cannot interact with people they do not visit your website.
  3. Graphic design:-looks is also maturate get a good website you must apply a good graphic design. And you have no idea about graphic design you must consult with a professional graphic designer.