Is Responsive Web Designing the Future of Ecommerce Dubai?

Since it must have been eminent, the whole world has all at once become intensely tech-savvy with maximum number of individuals in possession of a smart phone or tablet that permits them to be surfing relentlessly on the net. Hence, responsive web design is a plan of action that most business enterprises have determined to follow for the sake of intensifies their sales opportunities and accomplishes a greater hold over the market shares.

Responsive web design from professional website design services is essentially the approach which targets at contriving websites that can offer users the most flawless visual exposure with smooth navigation and reading experience which requires minimum amount of scrolling, panning and re-sizing.

Plus, it is apt for utilize over a huge number of devices from hand-size mobile gadgets to the broad size desktop computers. The basic concept propounds that layout and advancement should respond to the user’s taste and ambiance based on screen size, orientation and platform.

The ideas behind responsive web design

 Fluid grids – The concept behind grid is that they can be utilized to design a webpage locating content such as text, logos, images, videos, banners etc in accordance with the significance and required overall design. Fluid grids guarantee that there is right use of space.

Flexible images – Images too require to fit varied screen sizes. For the sake of avoiding images from getting damaged for the reason of non-flexible length and width ratio, various units such as “em” or “0/0” are utilized to make the images adaptable.

Media queries – Media queries tests and confirms the type of tools which are being used to view a webpage. After detecting the device, media queries modify the design, spacing and other associated elements to fit the screen of the device.

Benefits of Responsive Design

Improved consumer experience – Responsive web pages are extremely flexible and provide the users with the benefits to access information even from the remote areas. These pages are inbuilt with further call-to-action buttons in comparison to desktop sites.

Share similar URLs – With responsive web design the URL barely or never differs. The same URL will showcase very much alike site with the same substance, graphics and videos on every tool it is being laden upon. This diminishes the necessity to memorize multiple site addresses and is undeniably helpful for businesses with difficult site URLs.

Multiple channel aiming – Responsive web designs particularly help businesses supporting to multiple channels. With responsive designs they can get cost-friendly yet competent single channel to advertise their brand across various market sectors.

Target on SEO – Responsive web designs aid people to target more on search engine optimization on a sole site which is optimized for numerous platforms.