Purposes and Concepts behind Web Design and Web Development

Web designing is often confused with web developing. These two terms though used to point out similar purposes by “not so technical” people, are actually quite significantly different. Web designing deals with the visual part, i.e. what we see and feel. Whereas web developing is the coding part that adds functionality to the site. There are different aspects and features of a web site. These features are either attributed by web designing or by web developing means.

The first feature is the visual part. It involves color schemes, font, text alignment, graphics etc. This is the designing component of the site.

The second feature is the content. A site usually bears a number of information. This information may be product descriptions, graphical contents like product photos, the objectives of the site, the company’s mission and vision etc. The alignments of the product are based on the designing module.

The third feature is the functionality. It involves the interactive component of the site. It may contain flash figures. Coders code for different applications using JavaScript etc. to insert these functional features in the site.

The last but not the least point is the usability of the site. Usability is the feature which refers the site’s friendliness with the user.  A good and easy to go navigation system is a basic part of website design. Other than this the activity of the embedded applications is an important aspect of usability.

These features are incorporated in a website using web designing and web development both. These two components are intimately integrated for the proper production of an efficient website. The visual aspect is entirely dependant on designing. Designer use tools like Photoshop, Dreamweaver etc. to create the visual layout of the site. Coders use HTML, XML, etc. and at times Java Script and all to create the interactive nature of the site. This part is thoroughly under web development segment. But mastering over all is the conceptual part. The concept designing and planning plays the most important part behind website creation.

Overall what we can say is that the web designing is about the web interfaces. On the other hand the web development is more towards technology and testing of the technology. It builds architecture framework of ecommerce website Dubai. A good website is the result of conjugate effect of a good designer and a good developer.