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Different Aspects of Web Hosting UAE – Choose Your Type of Hosting Service

A web hosting is a service that allows individuals and the organizations make their websites accessible via the WWW or Worldwide Web. If you are planning to venture an online based business or if you want to run a personal blog, you need a proper web hosting service to make your website visible to the world. Plenty of web hosting services are present these days and their role is to furnish seamless hosting service to the clients.

To start with a web hosting service, you have to learn about different kinds of hosting services. Generally, in UAE or Dubai or Abu Dhabi, you will get 6 kinds of hosting services. Amongst these the first kind, i.e. free web hosting service is not considered as suitable for the professional purposes. Rests of the hosting types are suitable for different kinds of business needs. So, here is a look on the different types of high performance web hosting Dubai services.

Types of Hosting in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Web Hosting, in many large companies, which do not provide internet services, needs a computer permanently connected to the web to send emails, files to other websites. Internet hosting can also run Web servers. They are as follows:

  1. Free Web hosting service: Free website hosting can be considered as a startup hosting solution for the personal bloggers. As the hosting service is free, you will have to deal with limited services. Moreover, this is not a secured way of data storing as free servers often get hacked or maligned.
  2. Reseller Web hosting: If you have more than one domain and if you want to resell your web space to some of your clients, reseller hosting is an excellent option for you to start with. You can start your small business of web hosting with and also you can upload loads of websites at the same time.
  3. Dedicated hosting service: Dedicated Hosting is considered as the most secured and professional hosting option. Users have to buy the servers in this case. As the server is not shared or completely personalized, it is considered as safe, fast and quite professional.
  4. Managed or shared hosting services: In this case, users would not enjoy the full control over the server as the serve space will be distributed amongst a few numbers of users by the seller. Shared hosting is a cost-effective option, though you may face security issues if you do not choose a good service provider.
  5. Cloud hosting: Cloud hosting is the modern form of hosting, which has become famous recently. Cloud hosting allows the clients to enjoy scalable, reliable and safe web data hosting. If you have huge data, then nothing but cloud hosting will suit you the most.
  6. Cluster hosting and grid hosting: These are special kinds of hosting services that are applied for better resource utilization. For mass managing of the clients, this kind of website hosting would be highly beneficial.

So, make a choice according to your budget and business needs – choose a professional and reliable web hosting service provider meticulously.

A Guide to Small Business Web Hosting

No matter what is the size of the business, no matter what is the turnover, your business can never be successful in 2013 without strong or robust web presence. Creating a website can be a daunting task and it may take a few months. Not only planning your website but hiring a service provider for your website is important. We put so much time and effort in these, but what about the website launch? Do you care the same for finding a legitimate website hosting service? If you do not, then it is the time to think about your website hosting. Without high quality web hosting, your web presence will not be optimal and thus, expected results from online venture would not come.
The good thing is that plenty of website hosting services are there. So, finding web hosting solutions is easy, but choosing the best one can be really difficult. Let us have a look on the checklist that you need to consider while choosing or comparing two or three web hosting services:

  • Budget – The most important issue for any small business
  • Bandwidth – Go for higher bandwidth for seamless web performance
  • Email account – Good services offer limited yet free email hosting
  • Mysql database
  • Data Security
  • eCommerce features
  • Free web templates

A deep look on these things will definitely help you to judge a good web hosting service. Web Hosting Dubai is a professional website hosting service provider, having excellent user feedbacks in its sack. The service offers high quality web hosting services with Windows based server and all other hosting facilities that you can expect from professional companies.