UAE Free Website Hosting vs. Paid Website Hosting

Website hosting Dubai service is important for those who want to have a website for the magnetizing their potential online clients or customers. Having a good web host is important from many aspects. The first thing is that a good website hosting service enhances the efficiency of your website. For the visitors it becomes easy to navigate your site and that is why high class web host is highly required. Now, many people for free hosting services, which is of course not a secure option to pursue. Moreover, there are a lot of problems regarding a free hosting as there is a fair chance of data losing due to low graded servers.

Here are some drawbacks that you must consider or read before plunging for a free service:

  • Generally most of the free web host will not be going to provide you any kind of own domain for your website. In this case you have to use a sub domain for your website instead of your own domain name. This is not a good thing as without a unique domain name your website cannot be popular and cannot get its unique identity in the world of ‘WWW’.
  • Sub domain is not good for SEO. This means you will not get the online marketing benefits and to make your website popular or to enhance your sales, you have to face some certain difficulties. For professional businesses, free hosting is highly discouraged.
  • You cannot ask for more bandwidth from a free web host. Your website will shut down after exceeding the limit of monthly bandwidth.
  • Free hosting services replace their server without any notices and hence, you will lose all your hard earned data. The worst is if you do not have backup, you will make to restart again.

Why Paid Hosting?

Paid hosting services are definitely reliable, as well as professional enough. Corporate email hosting in Dubai, as it is paid service you will get secure platform for managing and uploading your web based data. You will also get seamless SEO benefits.

  • You can also have 10 or sometimes more than 10 emails accounts of your to maintain your website.
  • The best thing about the paid web hosts is that you can get free templates from the service providers. For a basic website layout design, this is good enough. If you do not have any idea about HTML or you cannot afford to get a website designer or your website then you can use these templates to get a good website for your business.

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