UAE Hosting Solutions – Three Kinds of Popular Web Hosting

The various Affordable Dubai web host companies allow customers to procure the available bandwidth and a part of disk space for a monthly rental which fortunately is quite less than the cost it could have mounted to if you were to operate a server by a data center or from your home itself.

Well in a lay man’s term web hosting is nothing but renting some space on a particular web server. This web server is a special computer armed with special software that facilitates it to obtain requests for the stored website files so that it can send them back pertaining the computer to display these stored files. This practice of furnishing space and bandwidth on these web servers which are extremely high powered defines web hosting.

Shared Web Hosting

This type is the most common out of all. Over 95% of the various websites which we find on the internet are functioning in the above mentioned web hosting environment. Shared hosting implies the affordable UAE website hosting of several websites on a single server. The expense of operating this server is shared by the various clients hosted on this particular server. Hence this process is very cost effective and is universally cheaper as compared to any other web hosting offer.

Reseller Web Hosting

In this hosting type, server storage facility is provided to a third party by a web hosting provider at a less price, who in turn resells the provided web server storage to their own customers. Here the third party is the reseller. Mostly these resellers are system integration companies, web developers or designers who sell these storage facilities as an added service to better the other services provided by them.

Dedicated Web Hosting

If one wishes to have an entire web server on rent then that is termed as dedicated web hosting. Usually owners who have a big and powerful website that gets a lot of traffic and who do not wish to have a server on share basis are the ones who opt for this web hosting type. Here you exercise greater amount of control and power over the use and configuration of the server. Dedicated hosting is more costly as compared to the rest types since here there is only one particular host. This type is best for those who have an extremely busy website and are looking for extra security without any outside interference. You can also get low cost or affordable website hosting UAE, if you are seeking dedicated servers for you business.