Understand The Basics Of Web Design UAE To Get Higher Rank In Search Engine

Web design UAE is one of the most important factors to get good ranking in search engines. Depending upon the design pattern, as well as the website’s performance or coding infrastructure, search engine decides the rank of your website. Therefore, you must be very much prudent while designing your website. You must be sure about certain basic things while designing your website.

Here is the list of basics of web designing-

  • Image optimization: Images are quite important aspect of any website. You must be careful while uploading the images in the websites. Along with the images, videos also matter a lot for every business website. There are eight important elements of image optimization i. e balance, color, contrast, texture, emphasis, direction, rhythm and unity. Thus, make sure that you are optimizing the images to be uploaded in the website.
  • PDF optimization: Nowadays, it has very easy to share brochures, relevant documents, white paper in PDF format in your websites. Thus, you must optimize the PDF files properly after uploading in your websites.
  • Search engine optimization: These days Search engine optimization is quite popular among the website owners. It can help your site to get higher rank in search engine, and your site will gain a very high visibility.
  • Robot.txt: When a search engine checks a file, it looks into the robots.txt files. Depending upon these robot.txt files, search engines decide which page to index and which not to index.

A web designer must have sound technical knowledge for designing the websites. There are different types of programming languages, which are popular these days to create a website. A designer must be well acquainted with HTML, CSS, CGI programming, JavaScript, XML, and ASP.NET. Thus, when you are hiring any web designer, enquire whether the designer is fluent in these programming languages.

Other than above mentioned features, you should keep your website as simple as possible. Too much of complicated designs and sitemaps will make it tough for the visitors to go through your site. Therefore, for easy navigation, you must make simple and easily accessible sitemaps. Do not upload too much of pages in your websites, it will make your website bulky. Last, but not the least, is the content of your website. Your content must be king, which means it should be free from spelling errors, grammatical errors. You should upload very high quality content in Web design UAE. 

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