Windows Server Based Web Hosting Dubai – Seamless and Secure Hosting Option

Windows based hosting servers are increasingly getting popular in these days due to enhanced performance and excellent security for the web data. Microsoft is a leading IT company – a name of trust and thus, Windows based servers are indeed trustworthy. If you have a professional business website, then opt for Windows Server to feel better performance and better security for your web data. More 50% business industries are presently using Windows based hosting and their websites are doing perfectly fine in the virtual world.
Like every corner of the world, Windows based servers have become popular in Middle East too, especially in the tech market of UAE. So, the obvious question is that what are the prime benefits of Windows servers? Why should you prefer them? Why other hosting servers are not as much as popular as the Windows based servers? This article will make an effort to find sincere and unbiased answer to these tricky questions. This will surely help the readers to understand the essence of Windows hosting for their websites. So here are the benefits of Windows based server hosting at a glance for you:

Seamless Database Management.
It is quite obvious that a professional business unit would have chunks of important business data. Storing such on the web is not at all a good decision unless you have a secure hosting option. Secure hosting means secure server computers, which are protected against the internet evils, like hacking, phishing, etc. Moreover, Windows servers can handle bulk databases. Even after storing bulk data or information within the server computers, Windows based servers hardly become slow or lazy to perform. Quick uptime and downtime is guaranteed if you are using authentic Windows based server for hosting your web files.

Excellent Compatibility
The brand Microsoft is popular worldwide for its exquisiteness. The best part of the Windows servers is that they are fully compatible with different web applications. This does not allow users to deal with ease with these servers, but it also helps the developers to build interactive web pages or web application on the Windows server platforms. Windows servers are more user-friendly in comparison with other two eminent server OS – MAC and LINUX.

Amazing Features
Windows servers come with all interactive features and toolboxes. Even amateurs can play around with different features. Al necessary Microsoft tools are there in Windows servers and this is one of the biggest attractions of Windows server.

Supports ASP Framework
Server side web application development technology, ASP.NET is incorporated with Windows servers. With the help of dot Net framework, one can create dynamic web pages and interactive web applications to support his or her online based business.
Windows Hosting is preferred by professional and business minded persons. It is obviously a bit costly comparing to other hosting options. But if you consider the features and advantages that you are getting from Windows based servers, you will definitely find that these are the most ‘value for money’ hosting options at present. For exclusive Windows based hosting solutions, you must get in touch with Top web hosting company in Dubai. A good service provider can serve both cost-effective and trustworthy hosting services to you.